Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stunning Violin

These moments entranced my older daughter and created a desire to play the violin. She has already saved up the money and purchased one. Now she is begging for lessons.

The Best/Danny Elfman Part of the Concert!

What an incredible way to wrap up a fantastic Halloween weekend! Festival at the elementary school; major trick or treating with friends and family, candy and pumpkins; Dias de los Muertos in the oldest European settlement on the West Coast; Danny Elfman with incredible music!!!

Amazing Orchestra, Amazing Night!

Actually Homework (Well, Extra Credit)

Je me languis de l'inconnu...

Actually a line from a song my daughter is learning for extra credit from French II.

With our first trip to Disneyland occurring last year, we've been really into The Nightmare Before Christmas and Danny Elfman's music this year.

We saw him in the MOST amazing concert on Halloween weekend, singing songs from the film. Just like the 90s! Both daughters love, love, love his music and talent.

So, now, my eldest has found the lyrics to Jack's Lament in French and is using her strong musical and language skills to memorize them for extra credit.

That's how we roll... we're late to school every day... but we're singing in French with our time together.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

While Typing... Christmas Creeps In...

No matter how many times I watch "Love Actually," by the end, it always makes me cry. All those different types of love... all those stories intertwining...

I realize that I am showing love by typing 70 pages of World History notes so that my daughter will be able to assemble her notebook before it is due. Even mad busy, Christmas still creeps in around the edges, flavors the still air, and hovers in the drifting afternoon light.