Thursday, January 21, 2016

Don't Let Yesterday Use Up Too Much of Today*

Ahh. A working lunch.

For the first time in ages. I'm in a pleasant outdoor café, enjoying the balmy weather and the words appearing before me.

Although when I think of it, it's not that I haven't worked in ages; it's that I never remember to make time to eat lunch in my busy days. So it is a nice, indulgent change of pace to be out in public, enjoying the venue, working my work, with a nice meal as well.

Ever since summer, I've been scrambling week after week to keep up with all of my grants/clients, my other job, and my family's needs. I always feel about two weeks behind. But, slowly but surely, I keep plugging away at it all. Now, I sit here, almost completely up to date. On the cusp of looking for MORE work even.

It really is groundbreaking.

I might even get around to making some New Year's resolutions, now that I have some energy to follow through with them. )

*credit - Will Rogers