Monday, November 24, 2008

Faith and Hope and Christmastime

I saw a great quote on a button this weekend.

We were browsing the Music Store in the Village of Claremont. If you have a chance to visit, this few block stretch of town is so cozy and seasonal. I love to stroll the streets and window shop. Red and green decorations burst from every store. Sure it's commercial and speaks of simulacra, and it's a bit harder to have the Christmas spirit when you're sweating in the 95 degree sunshine pouring down upon you, but it's still magnificent.

So many things are magnificent and worthwhile and comforting, if you open your heart to them. When your circumstances don't lend themselves easily to celebrating is exactly the time to celebrate.

But that's a different post.

For this one, I saw a great quote by Tagore - you know the amazing poet/writer/artist/thinker of Bangladesh and my friend T's favorite.

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.

I spend a lot of time thinking about Faith. Hope, too.

They seem so universally touted, yet so elusive. Almost cruel at times in their capriciousness. But in my heart, I've never turned my back on either of them. Not when things were going well and especially not when life sucked. Because Faith and Hope will save you. They will give you the light that glows within and warms you at your coldest times. They will show you what is good around you and how much worse your situation could be.

There is a great deal of difference between hope and attachment. Attachment only wants one certain outcome. Hope merely says that no matter what the outcome, everything will be okay. In fact, it already is.

It truly is. Each of us has more blessings than we can count.

Kneeling at the altar of the Santa Barbara Mission, the glow of the candles warmed my heart. I may not be Catholic. I may not be able to tell you exactly what I am. But I know what I feel, in that wordless wonder deep within.

I feel Hope and Faith. I wish the same comforts for you throughout this sacred season.


Michelle Moran said...

Great quote!

One of my favorite quotes about faith if from St. Augustine.

Faith is to believe what we do not see. The reward of that faith is to see what we believe.

I'm glad you had a great trip :]

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Thank you, Mich! Very nice guote - reminds me of Hebrews, walking by faith not by sight.

Good Writing!