Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Schedule

The last few weeks have been incredibly full. They have been great weeks - lots of good life stuff going on. School ended and all things homework stopped. But the busyness of April blurred right into May's many events. The end of school dropped into our anniversary weekend, and then a vacation to San Diego.

Now, a new week is here. We can just relax a bit and find our new pace. I am actually very excited about this summer. I plan to be more productive than lazy. I have a daily schedule that I will start tomorrow ( I know. That sounds like a putting-it-off excuse! But tomorrow's the first open day.) And a rough weekly schedule. And weeks and weeks to practice it all in.

Daily Schedule
6 am Wake up (even if tired!)
Write immediately - fiction/articles/and other fun stuff
7 am Bike Ride and Yoga
7:30 am Breakfast and Newspaper
8:30 am Work Writing (interspersed with tidying to move around periodically)
11:00 am Cleaning time (one room/area per day)
11:30 am Day's Activity or Project

See? So every day I write for fun. I write for profit. I exercise. And I clean. All the hard stuff's done before the day even gets going! And the rest of the hours are mine to fill as I will.

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