Friday, May 8, 2015

A Setback...

"A setback is just a set up for future achievement!" - Lorilei Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

So Gilmore Girls is my latest guilty pleasure. Season One started so strong, so charming and quirky with the off-beat characters, the wonderful bond between mother and daughter, the small, picturesque town... then it plateaued. It's been so just-the-same. Almost zero character growth and no plot development of note has occurred from Seasons Two to Seven. It's so dull that my daughters refuse to stay in the room with me if I have it on. Consequently, I try not to inflict it on my family in our evening viewing time.

But... there's still something charming about it to me. I find it soothing, turning it on and letting the characters babble away. I use it as background on those days when I work at home, and the silence is a bit too...silent. A bit too intense. It's like bring coffee shop chatter to me.

I can't really work with music on. I find it distracting. Ditto for podcasts or anything truly interesting. But a nice, predictable TV show is the perfect background. I can tune in and out without feeling like I'm missing much at all. :)

And sometimes there's a good moment here or there. Like the quote above. Lorelei is right. We've all had setbacks in our lives; we all will at some point or other. And yet, we all keep moving forward. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and make plans for the next year. Or decade. Or a lifelong goal.

Here's hoping that no matter what setbacks you've endured in your own life, that ultimately you have found your true and happy path. Here's wishing you a future filled with all the successes you've dreamed, and the happiness of good companionship, good dialogue, and good character development in a plot that does change over time.

Because a setback can actually take you forward.

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