Monday, July 15, 2013

Mid-Summer Flow

It's been an unusual summer so far. While the days have been peaceful and enjoyable, I haven't had that certain summer feeling. You know the one. Where the air is heavy and hot and the whole lazy day stretches before you full of open hours. Almost boring in its possibility and languor.

But this summer, I've worked most days. I've done a lot of yoga subbing, and I've done a good bit of grant writing. And lately, my thoughts have really turned back to the other aspects of my writing career. My beloved pet rat has had three serious bouts of illness in the last three months. So far, she's responded to medication and is fine. But her age is becoming apparent. That's made me feel the ticking of the clock. I wanted to write a whole series of children's stories about her, and I've hardly started.

Also, I had another story published recently. In a small literary journal, but I'm still quite proud of it. But I haven't really made a fuss or even touted it, and perhaps I should.

So I'm in a mood to enjoy the rest of these summer days - carpe diem style- and to enter late summer and autumn in a prime mood to work. With more focus and direction.

I've been in a great mood lately, very healthy and contented. I've also had lots of pleasant news. Most of my friends seem to be doing better than they have in years. No more crises or issues, just pleasant lives. Last night, I saw an amazing documentary that a good friend helped produce. I am soooo proud of him!

I hope these good times last for a while. It's nice to be happy and productive.

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