Saturday, March 29, 2014

March March

Here I am. At my desk.

One week of break gone, one week to go.

San Diego was beautiful as always. Even though I worked throughout our stay there, and so did not achieve quite the feeling of peace and relaxation that I was seeking, still the surroundings were gorgeous. We spent a long afternoon just hanging around Old Town, sitting here and there and drinking in the beauty of the historic setting as well as some yummy coffee beverages. We ate roasted sweet nuts and browsed the little shops.

My work progresses, progresses quite well in matter of fact. Kudos received from my new boss, and despite my feeling of being behind in everything, the results show that I am completing and submitting right on schedule.

Looking ahead now to the next batch of work for April and about to work with my new client to devise a calendar for the rest of 2014. So... fun?

Mostly fun, yes.

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