Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Best Efforts

Lately I've been wanting to write here more often. For a long time, I took a break - and it was wonderful. I had a lovely feeling of space and independence in my life. I worked hard at my other projects. I'm quite proud of myself for getting more clients this year, and increasing my workload; it feels good -- productive and self-sustaining, responsible, all of that. It's often quite time consuming as well. But lately, I miss the fun of writing stuff, just stuff. Just for me.

Indeed, 2014 has been a busy year. Strange and unexpected events keep occurring, and my energies keep being directed in all sorts of good and necessary directions. But I love writing here. I love the warmth of it. And maybe I love the kindness of it too -- the feeling of being open and caring and trusting in the good part's of life's flow.

I thought I might try some little essays here - short bits. And maybe some poems again, which I haven't been moved to write for quite a while.

And maybe some fiction. Compact pieces are always fun and satisfying.

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