Friday, October 17, 2014

In the Rushing of a Single Moment

Everything circles and
Spirals around. The waves push the
Sand to and fro. Patterns form and
Dissolve as quickly. Footprints
pressed so firmly into being
Vanish with no trace left behind
To show the passing there

Striving, always striving, in the
To and Fro, in the push and pull
we walk the shoreline hand in
Hand, or yet alone, or yet in
Groups, laughter and calling to
And fro.

Patterns, shifting, striving, the
Work of the pattern, the work of breaking
Through, breaking through the work,
Breaking through into life. What matters?
What should we do? What matters?
The work of breaking through, the foot
Presses against the sand
Impression made and then erased. The
To and Fro, the breaking, breaking
Waves of the shore, of work, of life.
What matters?
To and Fro...

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