Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birthday Weekend Party

Monday, January 19, 2015

Seaport Village - Pier Café

Long but fun weekend. Celebration of freedom and social change and  - for us - a day free from school and the liberty to roam a bit. A group on the cusp, not quite adults, but absolutely not children. Very amicable and cooperative as we flow from activity to note-worthy site.

B wants to spend her moments in this cafe writing and soaking in the ambiance. She pulls a notebook from her bag, filled with her novel in progress and a serious writer's notes on an array of colored post-its. I remember those days and in solidarity, I grab some loose papers and a pen. Free flyers in bright canary yellow because I can't find a journal I like well enough to buy and I don't have one with me today. Writing on hand has been on hold for me for a while. The computer is useful but doesn't have the same soul as the motion of the hand across the page.


(Draft Fragment)

40 stories closer to Heaven
Lifted in one group
The floor pressing from our feet
To lift us en masse

Lights scattered from a glowing box of jewels across the land
Reaching even as far as Mexico, across the country...

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