Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Resume Writing

My daughter is nearing the end of her time in traditional high school. She is so happy and I cannot wait to be out of that system! I'm excited to be teaching her myself, finally.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to write and work a lot. I've also been helping a friend revise her resume. She only had a very cursory one, and she's been out of the work force a long while, so I am helping her to polish it up so she shines.

We've been going through list of strong adjectives and action verbs, narrowing in on which skills make her stand out. Doing so, I noted all the verbs that apply to the jobs I do. I thought I'd put the list here, for reference. Someplace where I will be able to find it in the future. It wouldn't hurt to update my own resume as well.

Achieve advise apply assess assist categorize collaborate communicate complete consult correspond create decide define deliver demonstrate design determine develop edit elaborate evaluate explain gather guide help identify  illustrate increase instruct interpret interview lecture log maintain organize plan persuade prepare present print produce promote prove recommend represent research respond review revise search select sell serve simplify solve volunteer write

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