Friday, May 6, 2011

Fabulous Online Writing Class

After my last few posts, several of you emailed me asking about how I create external deadlines to help me stay on track with my own writing. One super-effective way is by taking online writing classes. They are easy, convenient, and MAKE me write something every week. I always learn something useful.

Additionally, Mike is one of the best editors I've ever worked with and has a fine eye for careful but compassionate critique.

So here's the info about his latest Online offering. I won't be in on this one, as I have a full slate of work and projects right now, but I hope this might be just the thing that some of you are looking for. You'll feel it in your gut if this is the class for you - at least, it works that way for me! HAPPY WRITING!!!
Spring Online Class Begins Monday, May 16
Why do some stories stand out, capturing the attention of publishers and readers? The answer is simple. In those stories, the writers have focused on techniques that make the fiction both marketable and compelling. This popular online class, Create Your Best Fiction, was last offered in 2008. The course will concentrate on those approaches that can bring out the very best in your writing. Lessons include:

*** Being There: Establish a Realistic Setting

*** You & Your Character: Nailing the Narrative Voice

*** Forgotten Techniques: How Characters Really Come Alive

*** How You Say It: When Dialogue Reveals Character

*** A Swinging Pendulum: Merging Action and Description

*** The Big Easy: Comfortable Flow and Pace

1. A lesson will be emailed every Monday and will include an assigned exercise.
2. Students will read or download the lesson at their convenience.
3. Students will complete the weekly writing exercise and return it to Mike Foley via email (all exercises due the following Monday). Students will receive a weekly letter from Mike, discussing the exercise and offering suggestions.
4. Students will have the opportunity to read the weekly exercises to see how their classmates handled the assignments.
5. Every week, Mike will email additional writing tips to supplement the course material.
6. As part of the course, students will receive a free critique of a writing project. This can be a story created in class or another story/novel chapter. Project length will be 6-12 double-spaced pages. All projects will be evaluated and returned.

The class will begin on Monday, May 16. FEE FOR THE SIX-WEEK COURSE--$219 (All Writer’s Edge subscribers and members of CWC-Inland Empire pay only $169—a full $50 discount). You may pay by check or credit card (Visa/MC accepted through PayPal). For more information or to register, please contact Mike Foley by email:

mike at

Mike Foley is the editor of Dream Merchant Magazine and author of more than 750 stories and articles. He also teaches fiction and nonfiction writing in the extension program at UC-Riverside.


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