Monday, May 2, 2011

I Made My Deadline!

One down, four to go!!

I knew I would warm up and get it done today.

Tomorrow's proposal will be easier, then just two more I have to finish and one feature article. And maybe I can even squeeze in some extras if I stay warm and limber.

Happy writing to all!


kiwibok said...

Well done - you're an inspiration! I should probably set some self-imposed deadlines, maybe then I'd get more writing done :-)

Marie said...

Thank you! Honestly, what helps me the most is having some sort of external deadline. I hate to admit it - it seems like I should write just for the joy of writing and the love of it and to express ideas and so on - but I do MUCH more work if I have some sort of deadline to meet.

I think it's the idea that somebody, anybody, is counting on me to produce writing - even if it's only for a class for my own pleasure, well, it just motivates me.

I've heard other writers say much the same, so I think it's part of human nature.

Best to you today!!