Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Basking in the After Christmas Lull

I haven't abandonned this blog. I really haven't.

I've just had an unusually busy stretch of days, and since I haven't had any work or writing deadlines, my computer has been uncharacteristically shunted aside. For days on end.

It seems all of the energy pouring out of me of late has been directed towards other people. I've spent tons of time with friends and family alike, and even got all the busy errands of Christmas done a few days ahead of time. The holiday itself is a grueling marathon of fun for our family, starting early Christmas Eve morning and continuing until late that night with our traditions at my parents' house. Then it starts again early on Christmas with nonstop Santa loot, gifts, meals, gifts, snacks, gifts, a BIG formal dinner, gifts and then, finally, stupor on the couches at the very last hours of the day.

It's one way to do Christmas. Maybe not the only way, that's for sure, since it does take a lot of time and resources. I consider it an investment into our family memories, and don't plan to keep it at this pace forever.

We took a disastrous vacation last week to San Diego. It was supposed to be a break and a treat, but I was really sick and low in energy. We wound up staying in a Bed and Breakfast room so bad and terrifying in its comfort and decor horror that I could hardly sleep. There were like four plastic flower arrangements in each room, and I started making up stories about how we were visiting "crazy second cousin Darlene" and her love for plastic flowers and random artworks spaced every 18 inches on the walls. We made a plan to ditch her and head home early, so since then I've been reveling in the neatness and coziness of our own home.

Anyway, that's all. Really just more of the same that happens every December. It's a frantic merry-go-round, but the lights and music are pretty so I keep riding it. Hope your December has been what you'd like, and the gifts of the season bless you for 2013.

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