Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Giving Day Nine

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I took my time in JCP, wandering around and browsing, just enjoying the colorful displays and the jazzy Christmas tunes. The store was calm and fairly empty in the morning and I was enjoying trying to find presents for some of the last people on my shopping list.

My arms were full of shirts and when I approached a clerk to ask the price of a scarf, I could hear the elderly shopper complaining. "Well, I think it's just terrible," she said. "How am I supposed to shop if I can't have a cart?"

The salesgirl murmured her assent.

I had noticed the lack of carts. I figured they'd probably eliminated them in their continued make over. JCP has been determinedly changing their image all year long. I, for one, love the new look and style of their stores. I love everything about their changes, from their glossy, simple ads to their lack of troublesome coupons to their clean, open stores. I love the way they're bringing in a higher fashion look and new brands. I even hear a rumor that there will be a CBTL placed in the middle of some stores. Then I really will be shopping and working at the same time!

But not having a cart was kind of a pain.

Sensing an audience, the older woman went into full complaint mode. "Why did you get rid of the carts? Just look at this poor lady!" She pointed at me. "She's loaded down like a pack mule!"

Hey, I thought, hold on now. The salesgirl was squirming uncomfortably.

I smiled sweetly. "Oh, I don't mind at all," I interrupted. "Carrying stuff around is good for me. Builds muscles, you know. That way I'll live longer. Plus I just love the look of the store now. Look at these clean wide aisles. Don't you think it's great?"

I smiled at the complainer, and she melted away, still muttering to herself. The salesgirl shot me a look of relief. "It's not like you were the one who made the choice," I whispered, and she laughed.
Later my armful of gifts and I were waiting in line. Behind me, a grandmother was talking to her four year old granddaughter. "Only one more stop after this. I just need to get some tape and then we'll be done." The girl squirmed a bit. "How about we get a milkshake?"

"Yay," she cheered. "I want a chocolate milkshake!!"

I turned around and smiled at them. "Milkshakes are good aren't they?"

When it was my turn to pay, I let them go first. "You probably don't want to wait any longer than you have to!" I said.

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