Friday, December 7, 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Giving Day Eleven

Friday, December 7, 2012

Remember how much I wanted to be a bridesmaid? A lifelong dream come true and all that jazz? Yeah, well, turns out there's a lot more to this bridesmaid gig then I had considered. First of all, the dress is cute, but not really me. It's strapless and a style I would never wear, so I think I'm going to feel very uncomfortable at the wedding.

Second, I never considered the expense of it. I mean, I knew had to buy the dress but I think I saw that as a hundred bucks or so. However, I insisted that my friend needed to have a bridal shower. She didn't want one at first because she was married briefly before, so she felt like she shouldn't have a fuss made. But I said nonsense, and so did her other two friends.

That means that for the last two months I've been planning this shower with two women I have never met in my life. Fortunately, they've both been very level-headed and organized, much like our mutual friend, the bride.

Still though, a simple shower for 20 guests is closing in on $900 of expense, split between the three of us -- and that's keeping things low-key!! When you add in the dress, shoes, jewelry, my hair, make-up and these costs, this wedding is going to cost between $600-$700. Yikes!! Not a good time of year for that!

So, my gift today is that I have spent another WHOLE day running errands, buying pink and purple fluffy things to decorate the room tomorrow, getting color-themed candies, flowers and all that yada-yada. I hope it's a good party, at least!

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