Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Germ Alert

With the staggered but steady start of the new academic year, a nasty virus is taking advantage of the fresh groupings of people to spread viciously through the population.

My husband picked it up at his school and brought it to both daughters, who now sadly have started the year by missing days of instruction within the first few weeks. My friend's husband picked it up at his site and gave it to their whole family. She was fresh back from Urgent Care with her youngest when I saw her at Back to School night yesterday. Everywhere I went on campus I heard teachers and families talking about being ill.

It's not even autumn. It's like 110 degrees out every day, and just miserable. It's not time for illness and tea and soup and blankets. What is going on??

At least, so far, I haven't come down with it besides a day of sniffles and headache. Good thing. With everyone counting on me, I can't afford to go down hard.

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