Monday, August 12, 2013

Life Gets Better

With the school year off to a successful start, I am left making the transition back to my regular work routine. Right now, I'm actually in a bit of a rest-phase, a few days' limbo, as I wait for responses to my most recent questions and clients' directions for the next set of work assignments. So, oddly, just as everyone goes back to their busy days, my time has opened up. :)  My daily yoga subbing is ended with the return of our studio's teachers from various vacations, and my writing slate is open.

So although I feel a bit guilty, I really do have some free time to just dabble here. (I've even been catching up on housework lately -- doing things like scrubbing floors and putting away laundry. Wow.)

I often reflect back to my past, and compare it to my present. In general, my life has gotten better and better as I've gotten older. I'm at a place where I am mostly contented with my experiences and the way I spend my time. I even realize that I really like the way my life goes on a day to day basis, especially how spoiled I am with self-determined time usage. Having time is a luxury akin to having lots of money, and perhaps is in an inverse relationship with having lots of money. :) I know that my only real concern right now is finances and earning enough money to provide for my children's future needs. Otherwise, things are great. And I can't even complain about that too much, because at least I am working steadily. And at two different jobs. So you know, it's pretty good.

I'm always thinking lots about relationships and how people get along with each other. That whole area of being human fascinates me. I'm a natural giver and a natural carer, so I've learned to value relationships in my life above all else. They are the literal riches of a life well-lived.

I think often of my friends, current and past. I have close friends, and further friends, and a few special friends who I don't speak with often (or at all) but who are still close to my heart. I hope they are all okay.

With my number of friends. I never really feel lonely, even when I have the luxury of being all alone, because their warmth, and their unique personalities are always with me, whether we have lunch dates during the week or live states away from each other. In friendships based on lasting factors -- mutual respect, shared interests, affection, trust -- feelings of warmth and caring transcend even time and space. As it should be.

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