Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Work Style

Realizing that I have mild ADHD has been a revelation. It has made me so much more patient and encouraging with myself. Now, I better understand my preferred style of working and getting things done, and I have insight into my strengths and my weaknesses brought to me by my fast-but-distractible brain.

Work's good though. It's all good. The things I write for my classes are well-received and I feel a growing sense of competence and ease with writing. And work's nice and steady too. So that's truly all good.

In a radio interview today, a venture capitalist turned spiritual scholar was talking about humans who are considered great by others. He said that often they had created a certain sense of detachment from success. They had stopped pursuing money, fame, or other reward, and almost turned their backs on traditional success. And then it came knocking at the door anyway.

That intrigued me. I wondered in what ways I am holding onto my ideas of success. And in what ways I could let it go, and simply be in the process of the working.

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