Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Buzz and Flutter

I was sitting here, quietly working. It's a much lovelier day so I had left the door open to allow the play of cool breezes.

Suddenly, a hummingbird flew right into the kitchen!

Her wings buzzed like an angry bee. I was already ducking as I realized what the sound was. I turned to see her fluttering just above my head, and then, zip!, she was gone - back out the door and into the trees.

I've never had that happen before.

Hummingbirds do love our house, and they are very friendly to us. Three years ago, I hung a small wooden welcome sign a few feet from our front door. Ever since, the locals have been using it as a nesting site. We've lost count of how many broods of hummingbirds have been hatched and raised there in the summers since then. It's a lovely feeling, having that tiny little nest and those adorable little eggs just out front.

At a certain point in the nesting cycle, we stop using our door at night so as not to startle the mother away in the dark (when she can't easily navigate). During the day, our presence doesn't seem to bother her at all. It most not, because the birds keep coming back.

Once the babies hatch, the mother only comes to feed them and they are alone in their nest until they grow too large to be squeezed together any more. Then one of them launches out and the other follows within a day. Two more jewels for our flying display!

Maybe one of the babies decided to come back for a quick visit. :)

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