Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Which Occupation Next?

Hmmm. After a few very busy days, I'm here.

I've been sitting without much inspiration at my work for a while now. I'm just not feeling either the driving motivation or the driving pressure of an imminent deadline enough to get my working words flowing.

And I don't know if I have any profound ideas to post here.

So there you are. But, I did say that I would post more often. Coming here to write is a great creative break. Maybe I'll go run some errands.

It's been so hot here the last few days that it is a relief not to feel trapped inside the house by the brutal elements. I could pay some bills. I could finish the dishes. Hmmm.

I need to go to my parents' house and do some paperwork for them.

As you can see, my opportunities for fun are boundless.

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