Thursday, July 7, 2011

Working Thursday

Here's what's on my mind today:

First - Re-establishing contact with former friend seems to be on indefinite hold. My husband is just not that interested; he figures things are fine as they are. And I do see his point there.

It's mostly not a reflection on our friend either. My husband, in general, is uninterested in making friends. Most of his friends are mine, who he really truly likes and enjoys spending time around. But if it's up to him to keep a bond going, he's unlikely to make the effort. Particularly if there have been any bad feelings. He and his brother crossed swords ten years ago, and haven't spoken since. (Although I've begun a re-unification campaign that involves sending special occasion cards and gifts and we are experiencing slow detente between our families.) He's also had a marked falling off with his best friend for years. Even with his parents I practically have to force him to pick up the phone and call or strong arm us into visiting. I do it for the sake of our children and because it's the right thing to do.

But, definitely, I am the one who is into having a rich, social network, and my husband is quite content to have me and my friends by extension.

Also, I haven't pursued any contact. In the past, I had a habit of obsessively phoning and seeing this friend. I want to show myself and my husband and my friends that I am not going to lose my sense of perspective like that again. So, for my own health, I am holding off.

And, our friend hasn't been back in touch either. I'd have to suspect he's reasoning along similar lines, and, again, with valid reasons. So, there you go. Three people, no one making contact = a pretty non-happening situation. I can only hope that we are very slowly laying down a solid base for amiability in the long run. In the meantime, I hope everything is okay and bearable, maybe even improving?

Second- Just got our cell phone bill. It is DOUBLE what it usually is and I will have to find out why. I suspect it's because my husband discovered the joy of texting with work colleagues. I kept telling him to increase his plan. Looks like it may have increased for us - in the bad way! Or maybe they thought we were in Mexico when we were in San Diego. Either way, I'll have to follow it up...

Third- We lost our credit card. Searched everywhere and reported it lost. Then we found it under the seat of our car. I knew it too! I knew all along it wasn't really lost, just misplaced. So now I have to call and see if they can reinstate this one, or if we have to get a replacement. Eek. It's awkward not having our main card to pay for purchases. I'm trying to just use cash, but that gets tricky sometimes.

Fourth (and most pressing) - I have three, THREE, proposals that are all due before I sleep tonight!! That's why I'm writing so much here. Warming up, as it were. Glad, so glad, for the work, but feeling so unmotivated to spend the entire day writing while my family swirls around me. At least the only other thing I have to do is clean house a bit and make phone calls (as detailed above). And write.

I've had a story in my mind for more than three weeks, and if I don't make "fun" writing time soon and get it into print, I'm going to lose it. Maybe this weekend I can grab a few hours...

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