Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calm Pervades

On the rare morning when I stay at home to work, my house is calm and peaceful. It is very quiet here - no tv, no music. Just my gentle tap-tap and the dogs in the yard and the wind making music in the chimes.

I actually rather like the complete lonely silence of it all. It is very, very soothing. Maybe if I had this isolation all the time I would find it a bit overwhelming. But as it is, I kind of enjoy the lonely solitude. It is a marked contrast to the rest of my time.

I am still enjoying the feeling of having my house and yard truly to myself. From October onward, we had house painters and then contractors at work in the back yard. The construction team was great - they were the sweetest guys I've ever met - but they worked on our project the way I work at grants -- show up for an hour or so, then off to something else. So I never knew during those months whether someone would be randomly showing up in my backyard. That encouraged me to stay out of the house a bit more, especially when I was trying to concentrate!

But they finished in the last week of the year, and my new office space is amazing!! Over the rest of this year, I hope to finish and decorate the interior bit by bit as we save the cash. The painter will come back to paint the walls, but I'm not quite ready to deal with him again just yet. Another bit of peace before he brings his anxious energy back here.

It's not easy for me to make myself stay home. I love to go out and about, and working with noise and bustle doesn't bother me. The only reason I'm here is that I had phone calls to make, and I don't like to do those out in public. So I guess I'll get on with them, and then later, reward myself with a trip to my favorite grocery store. And free coffee there too!! :)

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