Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Ends

I've gotten a lot done this week.

But not that darn Verizon proposal. It is just hanging there, in cyberspace, taunting me.

It's not my fault though. I wrote everything I could in draft form. Then I didn't have the right password to get into the actual application. Uploading into the actual form always requires little tweaks and edits.

So I'm done except for that, and I can't go any further until the client gives the password to my boss, and she gives it to me. Hopefully, tomorrow.

On a happy note, I got two new clients on last Thursday. Two. So yeah and I'll spend the rest of tomorrow working on their new stuff.

On an interesting note, I was just doing some demographic research for a different client's app. Turns out that there are about 29 million active military and veterans in the US, roughly 9% of the total population. Compare that to the whooping 65 million adults who have some sort of criminal record. That's right, 25% of our US population has a felony or misdemeanor in their past. And for many of them, it is a roadblock, albeit an often illegal one, to being hired or even considered for new job positions. Yikes.

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