Monday, January 30, 2012


That's one of the things I love about this blog.

Day to day, week to week, season to season, I come here and I write something. When I need this blog it is always here. It rarely changes, except for an occasional upgrade to its appearance to bring it into line with the season or my mood. My style stays the same; the content remains.

I find it very soothing.

I enjoy consistency. Stability. Enough routine in my days to be comfortably predictable. Enough variety to be amusing. My friend and I enjoyed a very nice if rushed lunch next to the stream by an outdoor cafe. She shared her latest crop of worries -- I thought of how much I value her as a friend. Truly my life has only improved since she entered it two years ago. In fact, I didn't tell her that and I should. I'll text her when I finish here to let her know just how very much I appreciate her. I wish her life were a bit easier, but I know she will find her path, as we all do given enough time.

It's Monday, so I'm at the outdoor cafe. I've realized that I've developed a routine through the week, certain places I go to work on certain days. No day is the same as the one before, but week by week, I have routine. I love it. I love that I have new work and old work, and maybe even a new creative project.

I awoke this morning thinking of the past. That's fairly common for me. I realized how very comfortable I felt in this morning, how much I was anticipating a day of mild work and mild pleasure. I lived through some very hard years. 2007, 2008 and 2009 were very often excruciating for me. But I did it. I made it through them. And in 2010, I turned everything around.

Now it is 2012. This year is an amazingly powerful year. The year of the Dragon. The year of much foretelling. I look forward to this year and the amazing things it can bring into all our lives. My friend, myself, and random strangers included.

Breathing in, I feel gratitude and anticipation.
Breathing out, I send joy into the world.

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