Friday, June 29, 2012

Call me but love and I'll be new baptized

This went through my mind over and over yesterday as I stood at the shore with cool water licking around my toes. Although I misremembered it a bit, I had the core idea. That sometimes it is time for a change. That there are opportunities to start again.

I took a lot of stress with me to the beach yesterday. I knew it all week, and all day. Driving in the car, the tension weighed heavy in my shoulders and I kept reminding myself to relax and breathe more deeply.

I approached the ocean in awe. The vast expanse of it, the motion, the colors. I had forgotten just how infinite a space it is, how soothing, how sacred. I stood by the edge and was drawn into the ebb and flow. The water was smooth as a lake, gentle swells lifting and falling like cosmic breathing. I plunged into the salt water, surrounded by the purity of all that salt, carressed by the glass green clarity of the waves. The sun sparkled like gold, mixed into the depths and captured along the sandy bottom. Into the green and gold I went, gasping with cold.

I left all my stress in the ocean. I let go of all my worries, all my fears, the anxieties, the frustrations -- they all floated away. The ocean bobbed my along its surface and washed all the cares from me.

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