Tuesday, July 24, 2012

But There's Always Reason to Hope...

"Life isn't fair," I murmured sadly to my good friend.

She shook her head back at me, curls bobbing and sorrow shadowing her eyes. "No," she replied softly, "It's not."

We shared a look as we felt that truth settling around us.

I've been sitting with my friend all day. She is in tremendous pain and suffering, and I am simply here. Simply spending time with her. Working while we sit together, sometimes talking, sometimes in shared silence.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the value of good friendship. The importance of caring for other people is almost beyond my capacity to put into words. I simply feel the bonds of my friendships sweep over me, and am aware of how very much they matter to me in every moment of my day to day life. The words that come to my mind most right now are Respect. Appreciation. Deep Admiration. Gratitude.

Words that barely begin to convey the feelings that I send out into the world on this day of shared life.

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