Sunday, July 22, 2012


I wish I had more time to match the words I'd like to say to the effort of saying them. I've had a lot of thoughts in mind, but haven't been good with my time management.

Some days I'm just happy. Most days, I'm avoiding my computer in favor of doing other summer activities with my family. Also, though, I find it difficult to concentrate enough to work or write without the hours of lonely, silent space that the school day affords. While in theory, I SHOULD be able to shut myself off in my room with my very nice desk and use my firm voice to say, I'm WRITING - don't interrupt me... in reality I find myself watching hours and hours of mindless tv or reading pulp novels in the company of my family instead. I like them, and it's hard to pull away from the leisure to be purposeful.

Even though the schedule of school is so intrustive, I'm almost looking forward to being forced to get my own act together a bit more.

That's it really. No great stories coming from me. Not even that much exciting free time. Just watching a lot of Colombo and The Wonder Years and Phineas and Ferb. And doing minimal housework and laundry.

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