Thursday, July 26, 2012


Lately, my life is much less routine, so there are many more distractions. Work has been a real challenge for me; it takes tremendous self-discipline to get myself going on a project, and even more to stick to it.

I did a lot on Tuesday; yesterday I taught two yoga classes so my focus was there instead of on writing. Today, we have vacation plans, but I really, really need to finish this overdue text first. Just 1500 more words. Maybe not even that much. If I get it done, I get to lie by a pool and chat with my friend. Easy peasy to console her about her heartbreak compared to pushing myself to describe this program in new and captivating yet accurate language.

As my brain often does when I'm tired but pushing it, I've been obsessing a bit lately. My latest fad... (really, just out of the blue, and you would never guess)... RATS.

See, my daughter begged for a pet rat for her birthday this month. She is a super responsible pet owner and already takes care of her fish, our two guinea pigs and our dogs, so we agreed. She got a cute little two month old rat. Rue was white and grey; she loved my daughter and would ride in her hand and climb up her arm. Then she died, completely unexpectedly, with no sign of being ill. We think either she had a heart defect or she choked on something.

So B cried for the next week. And now we are in the market for a new pet. But now I've started researching on the internet. And I've discovered that there is a whole world of small rat breeders - ratteries- working to create the cutest, healthiest, most agreeable rat lines. So now I am just in love. Turns out that like guinea pigs, you have to get at least two. None of the social animals are meant to live alone. And these rats are just adorable!!! I want a mink harley dumbo and a siamese blue point but I think almost all of them are just SOOO cute.

So I spent about 3 hours last night searching for adoptable/puchasable rats from SoCal breeders instead of working. And I stayed up to 1 am. And none of that is helping my concentration AT ALL now. Just a little bit of the crazy that is me.

I'll post some links or photos later so you can see what I mean.

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