Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation Mode

The days slip past, slick with sunshine and sunscreen.

I'm typing this from a very, very nice office -- an outdoor cabana poolside at a resort in Palm Springs. This is our third day here, a bit of a break away from home after our family visit last week.

That went suprisingly well. It was a lot of work, as I mostly wound up feeding and cleaning up after all 10 of us, but it was the best visit we've ever had as far as emotional pleasantness and everybody staying in a good mood. My neice and nephew are gorgeous, adorable, happy, well-behaved kids. We had my neice with us the whole six days, and looking after a 3 year old again took me back a few years. I'm quite glad that our own family is past all of those stages! The need for nonstop vigilance is exhausting!!

This trip has been lovely too. I don't actually like Palm Springs that much. The desert climate isn't my thing, and I don't enjoy heat. So when we're here, I don't care if we go anywhere or do anything. That means hours and hours for the girls to spend in the pool. That's all we did the last two days. Today, I didn't feel good about spending another whole day reading novels, so I dragged my computer out. The staff very generously gave me free use of this gorgeous cadana. It is plush with an outdoor rug, a marble table, a couch for six, and padded chairs. There's even a TV, although why anyone would come to a pool to watch tv is beyond me.

Yesterday we spent over $100 on poolside drinks and burgers, a lifestyle my family adapts to with the ease of fish swimming in cool water. Perhaps that's another reason why I'm motivated to log back in to my working life for a few hours!

Regardless, we only have a few weeks of time off left. Then they'll all be back to school, and I will restructure my writing time to be more consistent and effective. I did have a very fabulous book idea yesterday -- a nonfiction project that I think I could actually pre-sell. I don't want to say much about it, as it's a good idea that I don't want someone else to get to first. I need to see if it's already out there. If not, I have a couple of years to pull it together, which seems just about right at the rate I've worked lately. :)

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