Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finding My Voice Too

I have been writing and wanting to write for years. I’ve progressed through journals, stories, writing classes, and now, paid work. To accompany this growth, I have longed for a blog of my own.

A place just for me, where I can sharpen my skills and express myself as I choose. A place where I can embrace my growing courtship of the written word.

Like Woolf’s room, but in the intangible ether of electricity and cyberspace.

Now, I am here. I am taking it slowly. I consider what I want to say and to whom I wish to speak. I am letting my voice grow from within, like the gentle bubbling of clear spring water.

And, I wish to thank you, dear reader, for your participation. Without your reception, my voice floats alone and lost, unfinished in its task.

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