Thursday, September 25, 2008

Local Shopping

Every Friday, I feel so lucky that I can go to the local Farmer’s Market. The array of fruits and vegetables piled on tables below blue canopies is astonishing. I love to browse around, smelling and looking and selecting my family’s food for the week by the heft of it in my hand. Over the years I’ve been going, I’ve built bonds with many of the farmers; I know which foods are in season and how to select the freshest, ripest peaches or cucumbers or artichokes.

To me, it is an amazing, sensual experience that helps the farmers, helps the environment, and provides the healthiest, most delicious food to my family.

So, today, I have to mention the soap vendors. This wonderful couple is at the market every week with these wooden trays of homemade soaps in every color and scent. As the sun warms the trays, the fragrances of mint, olive oil, lavender and tea tree hang over the entire market, perfuming everyone’s shopping.

I wish I could use their soap so quickly that I could try a new one every week! Right now, we have the Licorice in our shower. My entire bathroom smells like an Easter Basket (which some people, including my mother, would hate, but I love!).

I’ll give you their link:

If you even go to this site and see the photos, I guarantee that you’ll want to order some soap online. And you won’t be disappointed!!

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