Friday, April 8, 2011


Ah, new banquette seating at the Coffee Bean I've been frequenting of late. With jaunty summer-colored stripes and firm cushions. Very nice. Plus new tables - less grimy but more wobbly - and - Rejoice!- more electrical outlets!!

Well played, coffee competitor.

I've been self-medicating nicely with lots of lattes and bouts of public writing. I have a final story due in my class by midnight tonight and I've got... nothin'. Went back through four years of writing files and found lots of good starts I had forgotten about, but no finished product that I haven't previously submitted. That's the problem of working with the same teacher.

So, cup in hand, I need to whip 1000 plus words out of the air in the next hour or so. Of course, since I'm drinking nonfat decaf, I'm not sure if there's even actually anything in my cup...

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