Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Start of Autumn

That's a weird title, huh? Clearly it is NOT the start of autumn. It is the start of August. A new month, a full month for me, and one that promises to bring a transformation of my schedule and even my life. It's a hopeful time of beginnings for me today.

So, why am I calling it autumn when clearly the days are still long - and sweltering - and September is ages away. Simple really. School.

School started yesterday for my younger daughter, today for my husband, next week for the big girl. And with school, my brain is trained to think autumn. Autumn of colored leaves and bulletin boards. Autumn of early rising and homework/work plans. Autumn of cool nights and long walks and busyness and schedules and well, so many wonderful things. My birthday. Halloween. The season built on twilight and the boundaries between the worlds.

I don't feel like I'm habitually very deep. I tend to live my life near the surface, occupied with fairly trivial matters like washing towels and buying paper plates and making sandwiches. A lot of this blog is just my updates from the buyness of my days, like a bird tweeting to itself while it flies around its nest. (No offense Twitter, that's just the image I got.) But I have my moments, my flashes down into the depths. I think we all know that. And I suppose, below all the chitchat and the hereandthere of my days, there is a current that flows within me always, calm and still, and very, very connected and aware.

So here's to Autumn. Here's to the brilliance of the depths and the sparkle of the surfaces. I promise that along with all my other routines that I will pick back up, that I will also write here more. Especially in August, when I have a small project planned. And, as always, a deep and heartfelt thanks. I live with gratitude and appreciation as my constant companions.

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