Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Have the Power To Manifest Anything I Want in My Life

I've noticed that Life is naturally made up of highs and dips. You go through some good times; then you go through some tough times. If you hold on, it always changes around.

Right now is  a bit tough with my teen. But just a bit. Of all the problems she could have, having trouble waking up early and getting going is not the worst. It's mostly just growing pains for her, adjusting to her continually changing self.

I just finished doing a lot of work on tight deadlines. Today, I looked around and realized that, with the start of a new month, my work list is almost empty right now. And nothing's on deadline. It feels weird. Sort of too easy and spacious. I know that I should enjoy the lull because soon enough work will come in to fill my time back up.

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