Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keeping Up with the Family Journal

For most of the years of my offsprings' childhoods, I have kept running "family journals" that depict high points, challenges, and the stuff of daily life that often gets forgotten if not recorded. I don't write everything; I only try to document the days most likely to become memories, and also the chance comments or interests or new skills that we wouldn't remember accurately. These journals have been immensely useful. Often when we discuss some past event or activity, we will look back to the journal and find out exactly the date or details. For example, we know every Halloween costume and every birthday party theme, as well as when the girls learned to bike, throw, skate, whistle, and so on.

In theory, these are family journals, and anyone is welcome to write or draw in them. We also paste cool stuff in, almost like a scrapbook. But in reality, I am the keeper of the journal and I am the only one who writes in them regularly.

Add a lot of times, sadly, I don't even do that.

So then I wind up just listing down the memories, and recording them later. And sometimes I even get behind on that. That's where I am now. The last entry I made in our current Family Journal is dated November 17, 2012. We were on vacation in Arroyo Grande. This week, I finally sat down, and with the aid of my calendar and finance notebook, reconstructed the events of the last five months. Now I just need to write the entries over the next few weeks.

Here's one thing I realized. Since January, we have been very busy. Lots has happened, from wedding to birthdays to a friend's cancer scare. In March, we were even more busy. It was just nonstop from day to day. No wonder it feels like time is going so fast.

No wonder I feel so tired sometimes! A lot is going on!

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