Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Here's what I love about writing -- there's this amazing quality of connection that comes through in the act of writing or reading words. Read someone's words, and you hear part of their voice; you sense their breath, and part of what they are becomes part of what you are.

In writing, the illusion that we are all separated weakens and the feeling of understanding one another springs forward. I know that I love it when I read something with which I am in perfect sympathy, something that makes me say YES, nodding along as the writer captures a moment, an experience or a feeling I've had also.

I particularly like employing the second person in my writing -- there's this warm, personal quality that comes through in the words "you" and "your", a direct address that acknowledges the presence of the other, who is also a part of my own self. And the "you" applies to anyone; any reader who chooses to read my words becomes the "you" of my address. I love that!

You know what I mean? :)

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