Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wow - Good Work

I was just going over some statistics for a client. As part of our work plan for this year, I analyzed 2012. We actually submitted less proposals than I would have estimated. HOWEVER, it turns out that 33% of what we submitted was actually funded. That's even higher than I thought!

We actually brought in half of all funds that we asked for. So this year, we're going to increase our grant activity ten-fold. Our goal is to generate ten times as many funds as we ever have. But we also have a solid plan with 100 funders to approach. I think we can hit our goal. Especially since they have a great new program in development that I think funders will really like.

And, added bonus, that means it's entirely reasonable for me to work ten times the amount of hours for them, AND to bill for ten times the income myself this year. Yay. It's a win all around!! :)

I'm just giving myself a virtual pat on the back here. I had actually considered this client as a hard-to-fund prospect because of the narrow nature of their mission. I'm shocked to see a 33% success rate in black-and-white! I guess that means I'm doing pretty well at writing for them!: )

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