Friday, April 19, 2013

Mind the Gap

I keep thinking that I will write all the great story and book ideas floating around in my mind when I get some time. You know, when life slows down a bit. When I have a glorious chunk of space.

So, yeah, right. Are you thinking the same thing I am?

That's never going to happen, is it? Life is never going to slow down. I am rarely going to find a luscious two or three (or more) hour block of "free" time in the middle of my days. So I'm never going to write all that stuff.

As long as I keep waiting.

So now, I'm doing what successful writers often do. I am writing in the tiny chunks of time around all the other tasks. In the ten or fifteen minute windows of waiting or transition. In the gaps of all the busy.

Just like they suggest in the London Underground, I will need to "Mind the Gap!"

By looking for those spaces and filling them with words that are fun for me, I can make my life better, and get more writing done as well!

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