Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Expression of Self

I searched this morning for a poem... to start my day and to express the mixture of emotions that mingle within me. Something by Merwin, I thought. But none that I found seemed right. There was a nice one by Neruda, translated by Merwin, but it seemed a bit too much. All those lines, all that going on and on about love - it just wasn't what I was looking for.

I read a sad article in the newspaper this morning. Another injustice. Another brutal misunderstanding. A man killed simply for being the wrong person with the wrong actions in the wrong place at the wrong time. Simply for being what he couldn't help being. That kind of thing makes me sad... sad for all of us that as much as we can love each other, as much as we are all joined together... still we have these horrible instants of miscomprehension. Sigh.

So I guess I wanted a poem that somehow said that. Somehow said that I am sorry that there is suffering in the world. And that no one should be hurt simply for being who they are.

Do you know which poem says that, and reminds us that there are still reasons for hope even so?

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