Friday, August 26, 2011


It's a calm day today. I am moving slowly on purpose. Devoting my time to letting errands unfold at their own pace, and generally enjoying being leisurely.

I've worked hard this week - pushed myself to produce - and it's been a week of external stresses and worries as well.

I was feeling anxious and burned out. So today, I am being slow, calm, deliberate. I am breathing and I am noticing each moment as it unfolds. I am letting things come as they may.

I am surrendered to the Higher wisdom of the Universe, to God's Large Plan. I am hoping for beneficial outcomes for all, and at the same time, I am practicing non-engagement and non-attachment.

And enjoyment of the blessings we all have. All of us. Whether we realize it or not.

As I said to end a yoga class I taught this week,
May all beings find freedom.
Freedom from want
Freedom from suffering
Freedom from pain

May all beings awaken to the Freedom
which we carry always inside ourselves.

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