Monday, August 29, 2011

Sitting With Discomfort

So doing nothing about a situation is one of the hardest responses for me.

I like to be active; I like to respond; I like to make things happen.

But more and more over the last few years, when I am faced with an uncomfortable situation, I don't rush in and try to solve it right away. Instead I back up and I breathe. And then I consider. And consider some more. And give myself the space of non-reaction to find out how I really feel.

Sitting with this discomfort, this lack of solution, this nagging conflict or issue is not at all easy. It feels bad. But then I take the time to just embrace those feelings. I see what they might have to say to me. I ask if the situation is here to teach me something.

I ask myself what the most kind and gentle thing to do would be. And often, I wind up sending good thoughts and doing nothing else.

Because doing almost always strengthens the negative energy, while waiting gives it space to dissipate in its way.

I've been blessed with some truly uncomfortable situations in my life -- I like to think that I have learned to face them while still keeping a certain core of peace, stillness and equanimity.

By simply sitting with the discomfort.

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