Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Work Day

I'm back at one of my cafe work spots. My aim in the next few weeks is to get around and renew my acquaintance with them all. This one's fun cause it's right downtown so there's a bit of hustle and bustle. A wide variety of people come through the doors and pass by the windows. No one crazy and interactive so far, so that's always helpful to work concentration.

Plus I realized that I can stand next to the booth, pop my computer up on the ledge, plug it in, and use the free-and-easy wifi. That's all I need right there! I'm trying to stand more while I work. Keep reading how healthy it is, what with allowing for better circulation, using more muscles, burning more calories and all.

My goal is to stand five hours each day. Plus I fidget when I stand so it definitely makes me more active.

I started today with a two hour brunch with a friend. Now I'm here working away. Not too bad, really.

In fact, not bad at all!

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