Monday, February 25, 2013

Focus on Fun

Keep the good, and discard the bad.

In other words, focus on the good stuff - the juicy, yummy, fun, interesting parts of your day. The stuff that you love, that gets you going, that matters to you for some reason. The playtime stuff.

And discard the bad.

The stuff that wears you down, the slog stuff, the blah info, the boring bills, the stuff that makes your fingers drag on the keys.

If you have to deal with the blah, do it quickly. Get it done, and get on to the better stuff. Keep your focus there, and watch the energy grow and expand.

Right now, our refinance is blah for me. I don't want to do it, and I don't care. But I know it's important to our future finances. So I'll get through the emails and paperwork required of me as quickly as I can.

And give myself room to get into my grants. The juicy descriptions. Making the budgets work. Depicting the board and volunteers. Getting money for the little kitties and puppies that I'm working for today. And have fun doing it.

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