Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Work - School Balance

I've been thinking a lot lately about work and writing. About how time and money are related. About family  and work and free time. It's easy for me to get very involved with school, because that's such a consistent part of my day. But it's been draining these last few weeks  so I'm realizing the need to balance.

What's actually going pretty well is my work - even though it doesn't feel like it. Because I've been more in the planning stages, I haven't been writing much of anything. So that feels a bit disconnected. But I tend to forget just how much experience I do have in my line of work and how much possibility is here.

For a while, I was working but the job itself wasn't very great. But I loved it because I had structure and co-workers. Then I wasn't working at all. Then I started pretending that I was working. I acted like I was going to work and I basically made up a job. But now that made up job has turned into a real actual career. Even though the place I was affliated with and trained at is gone, I still have an actual career on my hands.

And this year actually looks pretty promising. And even kind of exciting.

So if I can just get my mind off of math homework and field trips, I might even be able to realize that I'm doing good work that I like and have the skill to do.

That's not too shabby at all.

(And then money, profit, and energy -- that's a whole different post.)

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