Friday, February 22, 2013



That really wasn't that fun.

That was a series of messages and emails to different mortgage loan processors, trying to get them to send me their price/rate quotes in written (thus binding) form, and trying to get the lowest cost possible for getting our house appraised.

Like doing one refi isn't exciting enough, I have this awkward situation where I have begun the process with two different lenders. I started with one, but then the other called with a much cheaper offer. But when I pursued them, now that offer isn't translating into written form. So I haven't wanted to call it quits with the first lender, who thinks we are moving along. And who owes us money from screwing up our refi attempt in autumn (which was totally their fault and they dropped the ball. I let them, but they dropped it. Sometimes I just don't have energy to run around after people insisting that they follow through on things - I do enough of that as a mother!!) But I don't want to rely solely on them, because they did mess up once already and I need to just get this refi done and move on.

So really, it's going to be whoever can get it in writing first, cheap enough, and good to go. On my side, I filed all the bills and have pulled all the needed paperwork. I guess I'll just mail and fax it into both lenders so they can't say I'm holding them up. I'm not bound to anything until I sign something.

And so far they're not sending me the right things to sign.

When I am done with this, I sorta never want to buy anything on credit or that requires paperwork ever again for my whole life. I just want to own this house, pay for it, and live here until I'm old. Just for the simplicity of it. I get tired of trying to figure things out. I just want to be settled.

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