Monday, May 20, 2013

A Fresh Start

Another week has dawned upon us. Because next Monday is Memorial Day and a holiday, this is the LAST Monday of the school year. Whoo Hoo! I hustled my two offspring out the door and onto state-sponsored campuses in time, and threw picking up a friend's child due to some car troubles into the morning-commute mix.

This week is going to be much better than the last few -- I already feel it. Plus I'm determined to make it that way. I'm focusing on the positive and the productive. And the hopeful.

See, I'm already at my keyboard, even before my next job starts!

With only two weeks left of school, this is the last week with any resemblance of normalcy in schedule. And even that is toyed with by a band concert, an evening orientation, and a daytime sports event that we'll need to attend. Next week -- promotion ceremonies and closure!!

I have a nice schedule in mind for summer. I'm a notorious late-sleeper if given the opportunity, but this year I want to be up and out for the lovely part of the mornings. So my daily routine will be something like this:

6 am - Wake up and Start Writing Fun Stuff/Stories
7 am - Bike Ride/Walk and Yoga
730 am - Leisurely Breakfast
900 am - Grant Work (Study/Project Time for Girls)
1100 am  - Tidy/Clean House
Noon - Leave for Day's Activity
Out all day or
300 pm - Movies/Journaling/Naptime
530 pm - Evening Activity
8 pm - More Grant Work
11 pm - Bedtime

No driving, no drop offs, no lunches, no homework!! :)

What are your Summer Plans? Do you plan your time? How does Summer impact your work schedule?

Leave your comment below and I'll publish the best.

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