Monday, May 13, 2013

Bleah Blah... and it's too hot too.

I'm going through a creative slump lately. I have plenty of work to do -- I just don't feel very motivated to do it.

Everything seems dull and ordinary, like just running through the cycles of the same tasks again and again. Just blah. I guess maybe I'm a bit depressed. I sort of feel like that in all of life. Nothing's really wrong. In fact, I almost think things are going too well. There's no challenge or drama. Just the same ole stuff day after day. Make people food. Make them get up. Take them to school on time or late. Hustle around to errands. Eat somewhere. Be out. Try to write. Hustle home. Pick up kids. Do homework/housework/play dates/dinner. More homework. TV. Maybe exercise. Get to bed probably too late. Get up and do it again.


It doesn't help that the last few weekends have been busy and committed so there hasn't really been a break. Mother's Day was nice, but it was tiring. It's really about what my mother and my mother-in-law will enjoy. And the fathers. I would choose something entirely different for my own day to celebrate me. My daughters try really hard though and I appreciate that. They are great and, besides being a lot of work which they really can't help, are really great kids. They are even fun to be around - rare for teens.

It's a countdown to summer and then a whole bunch of time is going to open up. I have a hunch that I will fee entirely differently if I simply get two good full nights' worth of sleep in a row!

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