Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Sliding In

Hello, blog. Yay, yay. My patchwork quilt collection of my thoughts and days.

From time to time, I read good writing/business advice, and I consider discontinuing this space. But then I remember how much of my self is scattered across these posts. And I think of what good energy is here in these words and photos, and what an amassment of raw material. And then I know that this is my journaling, and these are my observations.

Take them for what you will.

Even though May is only slipping out this evening, already the summer will begin for us. After two increasingly hectic months, all school has come to an end. We attended a promotion yesterday and another this morning.

Now my older daughter is asleep - exhausted - and the younger daughter and her dad are hard at work trying to tie a hammock up in the back yard. Nothing says summertime like being able to lie down in a nice hammock!

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