Friday, May 3, 2013

And Now, the End of the Week...

Wow. It has been one long busy week in the working mom writer juggle that is my life! A good one, very good. So much nice family time and tons of good work assignments too.

You can tell it's been a bit hectic by the fact that it's 9:20 pm on Friday, and I am "relaxing" and "kicking off the weekend" by standing in my kitchen laptop searching for new funders WHILE I watch our evening TV shows. Ahh, the bliss?

Anyway, I did have one nice break in my evening. I got to send back an email with my newest author bio. To accompany the STORY THAT I AM HAVING PUBLISHED SOON! Yes, I know it's happened before, but it is still exciting to me. I sent it in, and they took it. Yay. Soon my words will be out there in another format.

And the bio was fun to write. A bit whimsical, and absolutely a break from looking for health care funding. :)

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